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Simply homing hounds 

Accolade Hounds is driven by the belief that there is a hound out there waiting for you, no matter who you are, where you live or what your needs are.


There are 1000's more hounds needing homes than people wanting to adopt them so we value every potential home offer. 


All rescue greyhounds and rescue sighthounds have different characters, different pasts and all of them will have different futures.  Matching a hound to its potential home is what Accolade Hounds excels in and although we try and get our hounds into homes as soon as is possible, we will never suggest a hound unless we feel she/he will suit you and your lifestyle.


We enjoy helping all kinds of people adopt a hound, from experienced sighthound families to those people embarking on hound ownership for the very first time.


We especially look forward to the following types of people making an enquiry:


  • First time dog owners
  • Older and mature people
  • Full time workers
  • People with health or mobility issues
  • People with existing dogs or other pets in their home
  • Families with young children


If you are thinking about adopting a hound, speak to Accolade Hounds and we will help you find your perfect match.

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Finley is our 3 year old saluki x lurcher.  He was found as a stray and brought into Accolade Hounds having never lived in a home we think.  In foster however, he has learned all about home life, home boundaries and how to live happily with his foster family and their other dogs.

Finley is a very happy and friendly boy who has made real progress in just a few months and we think he is ready now to move on into a permanent home.  He'd like to live with another dog, however he would do equally as well on his own as long as he had someone who would interact with him and play games.

Although energetic, Finley is also happy to relax when there is nothing interesting happening and will more than willingly sleep a few hours when all is quiet in the home.  Finley will also be there, waiting and ready for action should you want him to be.

Finley has specifically asked to be adopted by a kind family that will stroke him lots and feed him treats when he is good ..!

For more information about Finley, please contact us on 08000 886634 or send an email to [email protected]


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